Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Excellence of Organic Food

Currently, public awareness of healthy lifestyle began to rise. A diet high in fat, high calories and low in fiber began to be abandoned. Supermarkets that sell organic food began selling invaded by the buyer. Positive symptoms that need to be promoted more widely, because only a small fraction of our society who are aware of healthy eating. Organic food is all food derived from living organisms. Own organic refers to something that contains carbon, should all foodstuffs containing carbon is called organic. Including food grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But the people only understood the term organic means food grown organically, without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Government of the United States as a pioneer of organic food standards, that is called organic food is 100% organic or at least 95% is produced without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, radiation for sterilization and genetically modified animal.

Organic food is cultivated using natural technologies. Soil fertility is maintained with natural fertilizers, like compost and manure. With natural fertilization without insecticides, earthworm populations increase, land so rich in nitrogen, so naturally fertile. To cope with pests, can alternately every type of each plant so that a certain plant pests could cut off the chain eyes. Spraying was also performed using anti-pest from the wild.

Certain organic materials such as vegetables and fruit, mineral content is better than conventional panagn material. As with organic tomatoes, calcium 23 mg, while that not only 5 mg. In terms of taste, organic food is more crisp, sweeter and more rapid decay. Apart from the superior nutrition and taste, organic food is also free of pesticide residues and harmful chemicals. As we do not realize, this substance will accumulate in our bodies continuously. The long-term, will increase the risk of cancer in the body because these substances are carcinogens cause cancer. Better to avoid by switching to organic food than we need to pay more for medical costs incurred due to illness.


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